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Categories: D) Flow Rate Meters & Totalizers

10 Digital Micro-Process Totalizer Meter with Alarms / Analog Output / Pulse Output / RS-485


*Accuracy: ±0.03% F.S.
*High brightness 0.4" LED.
*Rate / Total decimal point selectable.
*Flow unit selectable: Liter/ Gal/ C.C./ m3.
*Time unit selectable: sec/ min/ hour/ day/ month.
*K factor programmable for pulse output per liter.
*Batch/Rate Display selectable.
*Total scale programmable (0.0001~9.9999).
*Pulse input range: 0.001~10KHz.
*Reset for Total/Batch by external control input.
*Displacement function for environment monitor application.
*Alarm 1 programmable (Rate/Total/Batch) / Pulse Output / Analog Output
(16 bit resolution) / RS-485 Communication optional
(The above options can exist together).
*High stability, non-flammable case (PC), high safety.


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